About Excellence Master Beauty Center
Excellence Master Beauty Center has developed for Over-years with its aim at caring and treating patients for beautiful skin, proportionate facial and body shape. It has been developed together with Medicail Doctor and has MOU with BanoBagi Plastic Sugary Hospitial in Korea., dermatologist graduated from France and Korea, dermatologist graduated from France and Korea specialized in skin care, facial and body shape design. In order to be international and support ASEAN, it was renamed to EM Beauty Center or Cambodia skin care.
Guideline for the treatment at EM Beauty Center Medical Doctor:
We have involved in skin care for over-year. We has been studying abroad in Korea and France, to develop laser technology and products. Each year, there are always change, both in raw materials and lasers. Until today, we can cure the disease that cannot be cured by medicine. We can use the laser to heal or recover.
EM Beauty Clinic Event